A list of my recent activities.

As of end April 2022

I will update this 2-3 times a month.

Trade Marks: advising and representing client in trade mark case wher there is no clear overlap between fields of activity, 10(3) and passing off. Medical Devices: advising on whether a device which had different modes of use constituted one or several devices; was the certificate of conformity adequate? Designs: registered and unregistered designs; representig client in relation to skip accessories. Medical devices, adviusing client on generic registrability of one product in a number of models. Passing of and trade mark infringement: advising and representing client in relation to similar (but not identical) fields of activity. Data: advising data controller as to what extent is a national security issue relevant to a failure to answer an information notice issued by the Information Commissioner. Passing off: advising client on not quite spot-on fields of activity. Medical Devices: advising on whether a refusal to grant marketing authorisation on the basis that the device was not a medical device at all was a matter which the application could complain about. Trade Marks: advising on registrability of a trade mark in the UK, EU and the Channel Islands. Patent exploitation: advising on purchase and licensing of IP rights (incl patent rights) relating to means of consolidating terminologies across allied areas (both in medical journals and the defence sector). Contract: IP exploitation agreement and basis for termination.Data: to DP or FoIA, that is the question; representing client subject to both kinds of notice and identifying any common issues. Registered Designs: infringement trial with issue on novelty as a defence.

Patents: liability of software commissioner for infringement of the software author in telecommunications. Trade marks: demarcation agreement. Goods: getting loaned goods back. Employee inventions and entitlement: advising employee on forming breakaway startup and scope of duty to invent in an immunology setting. IP crime: fashion case; counterfeiting and money laundering (value circa £1m). Patents and UK Registered Design: advising on mechanicals and design of mechanicals. Data: advising on consequences of breach and misdirected emails; advising on whether to report the matter to the Information Commissioner. Passing off: advising on consequences of a claimant’s part 36 offer, and positive benefits accruing should the offer be beaten. Photographic copyright: advising on subsistence, jurisdiction and infringement concerning catalogue photographs relating to automotive spare parts. Designs: shoe wars; advising client on infringement. Data: like everybody else I am involved in the current government email inquiry by the Information Commissioner. Trade marks: how wide do we construe the services part of the Nice Convention; advising client.

Copyright: advising on infringement in the face of an assertion made by a photograph spotter operating recognition software. Trade marks: advising client in a litigation context, where one mark (of almost infinite repute) drowns out another mark (belonging to a third party). Data: advising client in relation to lengthy delays in responding to DSARs. Competition: advising client in relation to agreements having a distortion effect concerning differential trading terms between platforms. Designs: advising in relation to design right and registered design right in physical property sensor designs. Patents: advising patent proprietor in joint exploitation agreement where one party is on the verge of becoming insolvent. Copyright: use of quotes – advising client in relation to s30 CDPA, width of relevant work and (de minimis) use and associated passing off. IT & cloud services: advising on breach of IT contract for cause.

Data: advising client in relation to the width (possibly over wide) of an information notice from Information Commissioner. Data: advised data subject on misuse of personal data against government body. Trade marks: advised and advising client on appealing to the General-Court of the CJEU, and (now, the appeal being filed by me) representing accordingly. Patents: advised client in relation to patent infringement concerning illumination technologies in case put against them by a patent assertion entity. Trade marks: advised client in relation to national and international trade mark infringement, including website targeting issues. Trade mark oppositions: represented various clients in a number of trade mark oppositions and infringement cases (too numerous to list individually I am afraid).