Ashley Roughton

about me

About Me.

Graduate chemist and master’s level degrees in economics of competition and regulation and biochemistry with a PhD in applied mathematics and engineering.

Top Intellectual Property lawyer in the UK. Has, save one, never lost a criminal intellectual property or pharma case.

I have been called to the Bar of the Republic of Ireland so that I can maintain a Euro practice after Brexit. I have practicing certificates and am insured to practice in England & Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

I hold dual UK/US nationality.

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Curriculum Vitæ & Dissertations

Here you can download my C.V and past Dissertations. My C.V contains a list of past Books and Publications.

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Short written summary of my career, qualifications, education and published papers.

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Spatially Resolved Turbulence Measurements in Internal Combustion Engines using Flying Hot-wire Velocimetry.

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Unilateral effects and collective dominance in the United Kingdom and European Union laws of Mergers.

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The mechanisms of binding of BACE 1 to the amyloid precursor protein, its structure & its inhibition.

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Modelling the behaviour of SP‐B in a physiologically realistic lipid mixture.

More Details

Working in independent intellectual property practice at the Bar of England and Wales (called October 1992), the Bar of Northern Ireland (called November 2000) and the Republic of Ireland (called July 2017)

Periodically licenced to Practice in the Isle of Man. Standing Prosecutor for the Bar Council on disciplinary matters. Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of London in competition law and intellectual property and member of the departmental exam board.

Council Member of AIPPI. Member of the editorial and educational boards for the publication Privacy and Data Protection.

I am not now a member of any set of barrister’s chambers and practice on my own account.